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New York Style Éclairs

These luscious New York Style Eclairs are filled with Bavarian Creme and topped with milk chocolate.

Packaged in two re-closable trays

  • Thaw & serve.
  • 8 servings


A traditional snack rolled in sugar and cinnamon.

Separate package of cinnamon and sugar.

  • 10 churros per box
  • Bake & serve.

Pepperoni Pizza

There are five wrapped pizzas.  Pop them in your microwave or oven for a quick snack or dinner.

Lemon Cooler Cake

A delicious lemon cake made with real lemons, always fresh and moist. The distinct tangy taste will captivate your taste buds and leave you asking for more.

  • Thaw & serve.

Carrot Cake Roll

Try this moist, warmly spiced Carrot Cake Roll. It is layered with a smooth cream cheese filling.

Pumpkin Roll

Enjoy this incredibly delicious home style pumpkin roll layered with a smooth cream cheese filling.

  • Simply thaw and it’s ready to be sliced and served.

Cinnamon Rolls

Treat yourself to these ready to eat cinnamon rolls with real cream cheese icing.

Packaged in two re-closable trays, each with 4 large cinnamon rolls.

  • Just warm and serve. Microwaves in 30 seconds

Tuxedo Brownies

Try these brownies made with white and dark chocolate chips

in a rich, luscious brownie base without nuts.

Packaged in two re-closable trays

  • Thaw & serve

Brown & Haley Almond Roca

Bagel Dogs

Sock it to me Cake

Morley Candy Masters

  • Pecan Torlies
  • Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels

Stash Tea

Enjoy a nice warm cup of English breakfast black or Moroccan mint green tea.

  • 20 English Breakfast Black Tea Bags
  • 20 Moroccan Mint Green Tea Bags


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